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West Branch Local Receives 4 Stars in Newly Released State Report Card

West Branch Local Receives 4 Stars in Newly Released State Report Card

The State of Ohio released its annual report card on Thursday and West Branch Local Schools earned a 4 Star rating which means that West Branch exceeds state standards.


According to Superintendent Micki Egli, "The District is rated in 5 general areas:  Achievement, Progress, Gap Closure, Early Literacy, and Graduation.  We maintained our 5 star ratings in Gap Closure and Graduation, as well as the 4 star rating in Achievement.  We improved in both Early Literacy and Progress, going up one star in each category.  We continue to strive for a 5star rating.  However, I am very proud of the gains we made in order to achieve the 4 star rating."


You can learn more and see the entire report card by visiting the state report card page.  You can access by clicking the link below

West Branch Local Schools State Report Card


General summary of each area:  

Progress - measures how our students made progress compared to expected growth on the state tests

Achievement - measures how well students met the threshold that the state sets (their overall performance on tests)

Gap Closure - measures how well we are closing the gap for students who are not meeting expected state levels of performance.

Graduation - measures the number of students who graduate within 4 years

Early Literacy - measures the reading improvement and progress of students in K-3