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Local Artist Helps West Branch Middle School Students Create Mural

Local Artist Helps West Branch Middle School Students Create Mural

Local artist Iris Menegay helped middle school students create a mural at West Branch Middle School. Art teacher Jen Johnson presented the idea of a mural to principal Mr. Fritz Schlueter in September and the idea was approved.  She then met with Iris to discuss ideas and a location, ultimately choosing to create a kindness theme in West Branch colors that would be located in the main hallway of the Middle School.

Iris started her work on Monday, February 26th, and spent a full day drawing and projecting part of her design onto the wall.  Next, Iris had 6th and 7th grade student helpers fill in the large areas of color.  Finally, Iris did edging, detail work and some clean up to the overall mural.  The mural was a challenging surface to work on due to the texture of the block walls as well was the deep grooves between blocks.  The mural is approximately 10 feet high and 30 feet long and took six days to complete.

Iris worked well with the students and the students loved her enthusiasm and friendly nature to go along with her artistic skills. 

The pictures below show the progress by Iris and our students, culminating in the finished project. Be sure to check out the impressive mural next time in the middle school. 

Iris is a Louisville High School and Walsh University graduate.  To see more of the work she has done, you can check her out on Instagram @eyerusssss (for her murals and paintings) and @eyerus.jpg (for photography).