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Lady Ruritans Donate Books to 3rd Grade Classrooms

Lady Ruritans Donate Books to 3rd Grade Classrooms

The local Lady Ruritans chapter continued its annual donation of books to the West Branch Middle School last week.  

The Lady Ruritans have been donating books to the 3rd graders for the past six years after donating dictionaries for many years.  Spearheaded by third grade teacher Stacy McInturff, a list of books are given to the Lady Ruritans to be used in the classroom.  This year the Lady Ruritans donated 24 books to be used by the third grade teachers.  In the past six years, they have donated over 100 books for the classroom.

Language Arts teachers Mrs. McInturff, Mrs. Martig, and Mrs. Adams use the books in interactive read alouds that support lessons that they are learning at the time.  The interactive read alouds ensure that students get to experience all of the books that are donated and apply them to what they are learning in the classroom.

Thank you to the Lady Ruritans for this wonderful gift and their continued support of the West Branch Local School District.