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Unit 7

Unit 7


By the end of this unit students will be able to:

laugh Identify and represent unit and non unit fractions, when the whole is not a collection, using fraction tools and standard notation.


laughUnderstand a fraction as a number on a number line and to use tools to represent and locate fractions on a number line . 


laugh Use fraction tools to generate two equivalent fractions, compare two fractions with the same numerator or the same denominator, and express whole numbers as a fraction.


laugh Use standard units of grams and kilograms to measure masses of objects: and solve one-step number stories involving masses given in the same unit.


laugh partition shapes into parts with equal areas. Express the area of each part as a unit fraction. 

Daily Math lesson

Did you miss class? Click on the lesson you missed to see a you tube video that covers the daily math message. You will need your workbook. If you don't have your workbook you can click here to open up unit 7 workbook pages and print what you need.

Math Message 7.1

Math Message 7.2

Math Message 7.3

Math Message 7.4 Part A

Math Message  7.4 Part B

Math Message 7.5

Math Message 7.6

Math Message 7.7

Math Message 7.8

Math Message 7.9

Math Message 7.10

Math Message 7.11

Math Message 7.12



Click here for extra copies of math Boxes

Be sure to complete the Math Boxes BEFORE you watch the video to check your work. 

Math Boxes 7.1

Math Boxes 7.2

Math Boxes 7.3

Math Boxes 7.4

Math Boxes 7.5

Math Boxes 7.6

Math Boxes 7.7

Math Boxes 7.8

Math Boxes 7.9

Math Boxes 7.10

Math Boxes 7.11

Math Boxes 7.12



Do you want extra practice of what we did each day in class? Click here for extra copies of unit 6 Home links.

Home links 7.1

Home links 7.2

Home links 7.3

Home links 7.4

Home links 7.5

Home links 7.6

Home links 7.7

Home links 7.8

Home links 7.9

Home links 7.10

Home links 7.11

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