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Books, books, books, and more books

Families of my 5th grade students, 

This is our first year doing Literacy Collaborative at the middle school.  Since students are required to read independently as part of our Reading Workshop, it is always helpful to have lots of books for the students to choose from - various levels and genres.  We have some classroom books, and of course we have access to the school library, but if any of you have extra books at home that are laying around not being used any more would you please consider donating them to our classroom.

I would as that you donate gently used books only please. It doesn't matter if they are chapter books or picture books.  Even non-fiction books are great.  We'd like to have a wide variety of books for our students.  We have students of different reading levels and interest in our classes and we'd love to have enough of a variety for each student to find a book they can read and also be interested in.  So if you don't mind and would like to help us, please contact me via email, and we can set up a time for you to bring those to our class or you may send the books with your students.  

I would greatly appreciate everyone's help with this addition to our classroom library.  Also, if you have some books that you would like to loan our classroom.  I will take a picture of them, make a list of them and make sure you get them back when you like.  I will also stress to the students that they take very good care of your loaned books.  A few students have been so kind as to share some of their personal libraries with our classes and the other students have been enjoying these new books.

Thank you all so much for your help!