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Classroom Procedures





Starting class

*        Go directly to your assigned seats and prepare your materials for class. 


*        Check the white board when entering the room to see if any additional supplies are needed. 



Being tardy to class

*        If you arrive late to class, place your tardy slip on my desk.  Observe what the rest of the class is doing and begin working.



Sharpening pencils

*        Please sharpen your pencils before I start class.



Turning in papers/ Receiving graded papers

*       Mrs. Murray will collect homework papers at the beginning of class.  You are responsible for turning in work that was done during an absence.  Also, don’t forget to turn in your work if you come late to class.

*        Graded assignments will be returned directly to you.  If you have a question about your grade, please ask after class.  


Leaving seat during class

*        I do not want you wandering while I am talking.  You may get up and get a tissue, pencil, etc., when you are working independently or in a group.  Don’t interact with your classmates.  Quickly return to your seat.


Asking for help

*        Raise your hand in a civilized manner.  Don’t wave your arm around like you are waving off a bumblebee!  I will see your hand and will assist you as soon as possible.


Working in a group

*        There will be group work in this class.  Sometimes, you will be able to choose who you want to work with.  Other times, I will assign you to a group or pick your groups randomly.  As an issue of respect, I am requesting that you do not complain about your group assignment. 

*        Group procedures will change depending on the activity.  Procedures for each group activity will be clearly defined before group work begins.


Using the restroom

*        If you need to use the restroom, you will need to take the restroom pass located by the door.  I understand emergencies do occur.  We will deal with those emergencies on an as needed basis. 

Missing school

*        If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check what you missed.  If you were absent during a day when notes were given or homework was assigned, please ask your homeroom teacher for the appropriate papers. 



*        Students are expected to fill in their planners each day.  Teachers will post assignments for each class daily.  We will check planners each day to ensure they are filled out completely.  We ask that you sign the planner only if you have reviewed the assignments and have checked your child's homework.  


Ending class

*        All materials should be collected and returned to designated locations. 

*        All trash should be thrown away and area should be clean and neat.



Getting additional information



Let’s have a wonderful year together,


Mrs. Pamela Murray