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Welcome Letter

                     Welcome to Room 502 – 3rd and 4th Grade Science and Social Studies


                                                 Mrs. Murray

Welcome to the 2018- 2019 school year. I hope you and your child are looking forward to an exciting and enjoyable year as much as I am. Please remember, good attendance is essential to succeed in class. Class work can be made up, but class time cannot.

I will be teaching the Ohio's Learning Standards for Science and Social Studies using a variety of teaching methods to create a stimulating learning environment.



The Science and Social Studies grade for each nine weeks is based on a total points system. At the end of the grading period, the total number of points will be divided by the total number of possible points.


                                                            Grading Scale

                                                                A   93 - 100

                                                                B   85 - 92  

                                                                C   75 – 84

                                                                D   74 – 65

                                                                F     0 -  64  



Homework Policy

Homework is given as a means to reinforce skills taught in class. Homework is considered late if it is not turned in during your class period. Late homework will be accepted for partial credit.



If you are absent, check the make-up sheet in the make-up folder for your class period to find out what assignments you have missed. Failure to make-up work in a reasonable amount of time will result in a zero.


Report Cards and Progress Reports

Report cards are distributed at the end of each grading period. Progress reports are sent home with each child around the 5th week of the grading period.

Classroom Expectations

  1. Listen carefully and follow directions the first time given.
  2. Demonstrate a positive and respectful attitude.
  3. Be in your seat and quiet at your designated time. You are to start on your daily challenge as soon as you enter the classroom.
  4. Bring required materials to class everyday: book, notebook, planner, homework, pencils.
  5. Homework completed on time.
  6. Be courteous to others.
  7. No gum chewing, food or drinks in the classroom.   
  8. The teacher dismisses the class.


Fire and Tornado Drill Procedures

These procedures will be reviewed in class. Proper exit designations are posted near the door.