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Class Rules



I will:


1.                  Be Respectful of others at all times. Do my Best!

2.                  Follow all the rules, policies and procedures established by the school.

3.                  Be On Time! Be in your seat when the bell rings at the beginning of class, the teacher will dismiss you at the end of class, not the bell. No lines at the door.

4.                  Ask and receive permission from the teacher to leave during class. Keep this to a minimum, Print your name, date, time out and time in when returning on the clipboard pass!!

5.                  Follow all safety rules, policies and procedures!

6.                  Be prepared and participate in class daily. 

7.              Take care of all school materials and equipment used in this class, if needlessly broken; you will pay for the cost to replace it. Do Not change any computer or equipment settings without permission.

8.                  Respect all rules and appropriate behavior while on the Computer / Chromebooks / Internet / etc.

9.          Chromebooks are your responsibility - keep them in the case and take care of them.

9.                  Do Not have Cell phones out without my permission!! or other electronic devices, etc

10.              Absolutely no food or candy in computer labs!! Water or gum is acceptable in the classroom as long as it is kept clean.

11.              Do Not use profanity, cheat or harass others. Don't bother other students personal items. These things will not be tolerated in this class.

12.              Listen and not talk while the teacher is instructing the class or interrupt other students while they’re participating. Raise your hand to participate. Communication is the key! Ask questions?

3 Strikes and your Out!

*** Failure to follow the rules will result in disciplinary action taken, by the teacher,

including: warning, contacting your parents, detentions, being sent to the office, suspensions, or dismissal from this class.