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GradingClassroom grades are based on the total points earned during the nine week grading period.  Students earn points for homework assignments, quizzes, classroom projects, and tests.  The points earned per assessement vary according to the task and time needed to complete.  The West Branch Grading scale is followed. 


  A       93-100

B       85-92

C       75-84

D      65-74

F        0-64


Assignments:     Typically there are two to three assignments per week.  Students are given study time at the end of class to start and usually finish these assignments.  There should be minimal homework brought home if they are using class time wisely. 

Tests/Quizzes:  There are approximately four - seven tests/quizzes given in a nine week period.  Students will be aware of these assessments two to three days prior to the date they are given.  Through review during class time, students will be made aware of the content which will be assessed on the test/quiz.

Projects:  These are assigned periodically throughout the nine week periods