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Unit 1

Unit 1

In this unit students will be able to: 

smiley Find the difference between two numbers using a number grid.


smiley Round numbers to the nearest 10 or nearest 100 and represent it on an open number line.


smiley Tell and write time to the nearest minute.


smiley Find the elapsed time using an open number line.


smiley Organize, represent, and interpret data on a bar graph. 


smiley Understand multiplication as equal groups. 


smiley Solve multiplication word problems involving equal groups or arrays. Use drawings to represent the problem. 


smiley Build fluency with x2, x5, x10 multiplication facts



Did you miss class? Click on the lesson you missed to see a you tube video that covers the daily math message. You will need your workbook. 

If you don't have your workbook you can click here to open up unit 1 workbook pages and print what you need.

Math Message 1-1

Math Message 1-2

Math Message 1-3

Math Message 1-4

Math Message 1-5

Math Message 1-6

Math Message 1-7

Math Message 1-8

Math Message 1-9

Math Message 1-10

Math Message 1-11

Math Message 1-12

Math Message 1-13


Click here for extra copies of Math Boxes

**Be sure to complete the Math Boxes BEFORE you watch the video to check your work. 

Math Boxes 1.5

Math Boxes 1.6

Math Boxes 1.7

Math Boxes 1.8

Math Boxes 1.9

Math Boxes 1.10

Math Boxes 1.11

Math Boxes 1.12

Math Boxes 1.13



Do you want extra practice of what we did each day in class? Click here for extra copies of unit 6 Home links.

Home links 1.1

Home links 1.3

Home links 1.4

Home links 1.5

Home links 1.6

Home links 1.7

Home links 1.8

Home links 1.9

Home links 1.10

Home links 1.11

Home links 1.13

STUDY GUIDE: click here for a PDF of the study guide that looks just like the unit 1 test. 


Here are some other resources that you may find useful:

VIDEO LESSON Number Grid Difference Game

     Number Grid Printable

     Score Sheet for Number Grid Difference 

     Directions for Number Grid Difference 


Unit 1 HOME LINKS You may download and print just the pages you may need right from home. 

UNIT 1 FAMILY LETTER Explains the unit and skills we will be working on,  important vocabulary, and an ANSWER KEY FOR HOMELINKS.