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Unit 4

Unit 4

Measurement and Geometry

By the end of this unit students will be able to:


cool Measure lengths to the nearest half inch and represent the data on a line plot where the horizontal scale is marked off in whole numbers and halves.


cool Recognize area as an attribute of plane figures.


cool Measure areas by counting unit squares.


cool Find the area of a rectangle by tiling.


cool Solve problems involving perimeters of polygons.


cool Understand that shapes in different categories may share attributes.  



Did you miss class? Click on the lesson you missed to see a you tube video that covers the daily math message. You will need your workbook. If you don't have your workbook you can 

click here to open up unit 4 workbook pages and print what you need.

 Math Message 4.1

Math Message 4.2

Math Message 4.3

Math Message 4.4

Math Message 4.5

Math Message 4.6

Math Message 4.7

Math Message 4.8

Math Message 4.9

Math Message 4.10

Math Message 4.11

Math Message 4.12



Click here for extra copies of Math Boxes

These are practice problems. Be sure to complete the Math Boxes BEFORE you watch the video to check your work. 

Math Boxes 4.1

Math Boxes 4.2

Math Boxes 4.3

Math Boxes 4.4

Math Boxes 4.5

Math Boxes 4.6

Math Boxes 4.7

Math Boxes 4.8

Math Boxes 4.9

Math Boxes 4.10

Math Boxes 4.11

Math Boxes 4.12



Do you need extra practice? 

Click here for printables of the Family Letter and Home Links

Home Links 4.1

Home Links 4.2

Home Links 4.3

Home Links 4.4

Home Links 4.5

Home Links 4.6

Home Links 4.7

Home Links 4.8

Home Links 4.9

Home Links 4.10

Home Links 4.11

Home Links 4.12



Click on the links below for Unit 4 Review:

Unit 4 Study Guide

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Need more practice?? 


Click here for another study guide for Unit 4. There's no video for this study guide.