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Free & Reduced Lunch Application

Complete your free or reduced lunch application online

 Setting Up Your Account

We have implemented QuikApps, an online free and reduced meal application system, for the families in our district. QuikApps makes it easy for parents to apply for free or reduced meal status for their children using a simple, secure, step-by-step online form. Applications can be signed electronically, and eligibility for meal benefits is automatically determined once the application is complete.

If you need help along the way or a hard copy of the form, please contact us: West Branch Treasurer’s Office (330.938.3533)

  1. Visit our portal using your Internet browser: or click on the Logo above.
  2. Set up an account via the Parents and Students portal – after entering the required information, your account is active and you can log in to get started.
  3. Add each student that needs to be included on the application by clicking the “Add Student” button, and entering their Student ID and name.
  4. Click the “Free and Reduced Meal Application” button, and confirm contact information.
  5. Start a new application and select the students you want to include in the application.
  6. Fill out the required information using the intuitive, step-by-step wizard.
  7. Complete the application, and review your submitted information. Edit any incorrect information, or add/remove students if needed.
  8. Determine whether to disclose application information to other benefit programs within the district that students may be eligible for.
  9. Confirm application information and household details, and sign the application digitally using your account password.
  10. Once the application is signed, all information is automatically processed within the system.
  11. Disclosure information and application determination can be downloaded immediately from the portal, letting you know right away when your benefits will go into effect.

Need help? Contact us at the West Branch Treasurer’s Office (330.938.3533) to learn more.