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Bus Transportation to School

The School provides transportation for all eligible students K-12 who reside in the district. The transportation schedule and routes are available by contacting the Transportation supervisor at 330.938.6246.

Students may only ride assigned buses and must board and depart from the bus at assigned bus stops. Students will not be permitted to ride unassigned buses for any reason other than an emergency, except as approved by the Principal.

The principal may approve a change in a student’s regular assigned bus stop to address a special need. Parents should send a note to the principal stating the reason for the request and the duration of the requested change.


Bus Conduct

Students who are riding to and from school on District-provided transportation must follow all basic safety rules. This applies to school-owned buses as well as any contracted transportation.

The driver may assign seating or direct students in any reasonable manner to maintain transportation safety.

Students must comply with all of the District’s code of conduct regulations.

Students must comply with the following basic safety rules:

School Transportation Safety Rules

The driver will not discharge students at places other than their regular stop at home or at school unless s/he has proper authorization from school officials. 

Videotapes on School Buses 

The Board of Education has installed video cameras on school buses to monitor student behavior. If a student misbehaves on a bus and his/her actions are recorded on a videotape, the tape will be submitted to the Principal and may be used as evidence of misbehavior. 

Parents are not permitted to view videos due to student and staff privacy rights. 

Penalties for Infractions 

A student who misbehaves on the bus shall be disciplined in accordance with the Student Discipline Code and may lose the privilege of riding on the bus.

Our Transportation Team

14277 Main St.
Beloit, OH 44609

Jody Edie – Transportation Supervisor 


Karen Sanor – Secretary
330.938.6246 Ext. 37227

Mark Sanor – Mechanic