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School Counseling

Our counseling team is devoted to connecting students with resources and opportunities to help them succeed. West Branch Counseling Department is a Trauma-Informed Counseling Department and is OSCAR-accredited.

Each of our buildings has trained team members that offer age-appropriate assistance and resources to develop a student's social, educational, and career skills. On an individual level, counselors assess student needs, make referrals, and connect students and their families with available resources. The school counseling team also coordinates district social wellbeing initiatives (such as It Starts with Hello Week), leads an 8th grade mentoring program, and provides support for mental health lessons throughout the school.


Call or text (330)938-4477 to report a concern about a student.  To report using the online system, click the link above.  Either way, you will receive an incident number after submitting your concern.  Use this number to follow up anonymously with your concern.  Please provide ample information in order to allow us to properly follow through with investigating your concern.

CLICK HERE FOR EXPLANATORY VIDEO showing how to utilize this service.


Find our policies and reports here.


Each building takes a positive approach to student behavior with clear expectations for students throughout the building.

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Early Learning Center Counseling Department

ELC School Counselor Celeste Alters with the many reasons ELC students love their counselor!

ELC School Counselor Celeste Alters with the many reasons ELC students love their counselor!

Intermediate & Middle School Counseling Department

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High School Counseling Department

West Branch High School Counselors were awarded the OSCAR Award in 2022.

Left to right: Micki Egli, Superintendent; Jana Stitle, School Counselor, Lindsey Syzmanski, Director of Special Services