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Mrs. Nancy Ensley, M.S.Ed. & Ohio Master Teacher

ED Unit Intervention Specialist 

West Branch Middle School Room 210

(330) 938-4370

Wilson Reading

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at WBMS!

I am beginning my 15th year of teaching and my fourth year at WBMS.  I am looking forward to a great school year!

Personal Code of Ethics


I believe that collaboration amongst colleagues has a positive impact on teacher effectiveness and ultimately leads to student achievement.

  • I will view my colleagues as valuable sources of information and use their knowledge to inform my instructional practices and classroom management strategies.
  • I will share information with my colleagues that I have learned, implemented and proven effective in order to promote student achievement.
  • I will share the work load with colleagues and fulfill my responsibilities with high-quality instructional and assessment plans.


I believe that teachers are leaders.

  • I will lead by example and model positive attitudes and behaviors in the effort to exude my passion and dedication to students and the teaching profession.
  • I will model professional behaviors to my students and colleagues in order to demonstrate my love of teaching.


I believe in continuing education and value the educational process.

  • I will actively seek professional development opportunities with the sole intention to improve my quality of instruction to promote student achievement.
  • I will encourage my colleagues to participate in professional development opportunities by sharing resources and providing information about upcoming workshops, seminars, and university courses.


I believe an effective teacher places the student first.

  • I will create a classroom environment which is student-centered and caters not to my own wants and needs but is sensitive to the wants and needs of my students.
  • I will make decisions based on the best interest of my students in order to promote a safe educational environment where learning takes place.


I believe in self-reflection to help determine my professional strengths and weaknesses.

  • I will take the time to analyze my own practices and where necessary, make adjustments to improve my teaching practices.
  • I will analyze student formative and summative assessment data to assess what instructional methods, modifications and interventions are effective and make adjustments as needed.
  • I will humble myself in order to recognize and admit my mistakes and seek positive resolution.


I believe all students can learn given the appropriate learning environment.

  • I will implement differentiation strategies that provide my students with the most effective learning environment possible.
  • I will challenge my students to achieve more than what they thought was possible through high expectations.


I believe in creating an emotionally and physically safe learning environment.

  • Through Positive Behavior Supports, modeling and a structured classroom environment with routines, I will teach the expected behaviors of a successful student.
  • I will teach my students the social skills necessary to be a positive influence in society.
  • I will not tolerate bullying or physical violence and will teach students how to effectively solve problems by using their words.


I believe in active participation in collaborative meetings to promote school improvement.

  • I will communicate my knowledge and expertise in a respectful manner to promote problem-solving efforts.
  • I will provide suggestions for improvement when communicating an area of weakness.



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