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Mrs. Rachelle Ring
5th & 7th Grade Language Arts 
Room: 804
Phone: 330-938-4300 ext 37449


Period Time Class Name
Home Room 7:25- 7:30 804

Per  1

7:30-8:25  Language Arts Block 1
Per 2 8:27-9:22  Language Arts Block 2
Per  3 9:24--10:19


Per 4 10:21-11:53

 Language Arts Block 3

  11:25-11:55 Lunch
Per 5 11:57-12:52 Language Arts Block 4
Per 6 12:54-1:59 Language Arts Block 5
Per 7 1:51-2:45
Language Arts Block 6  



Welcome Letter


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How I teach language arts


I teach using the reading and writing workshop model. I do not use a textbook. During the first half of the year, students are reading in their self-selected books. March through May we implement book clubs, but students will still need an individual choice book in case they finish their book club book reading early. Students will also meet with guided reading groups to work on comprehension and vocabulary skills as well as have teacher conferences about their reading. Conferences about their individual reading are graded. I have attached an example of what the conferencing page looks like on the back. 


Lessons consist of a mini-lesson on a skill, partner work, and independent practice using the skill with their text. For writing it is similar except they use the skill in their writing.


Grammar is taught through interactive notebooks. This hands-on approach allows students to create graphic organizers that teach specific skills students will apply to their own writing pieces.