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Ohio Improvement Process


West Branch Local Schools and the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP)

The vision for Ohio is “all students start ready for kindergarten, actively engage in learning and graduate ready for college and careers,” regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, limited English proficiency, disability, gift or talent.  West Branch Local School District is working toward that end, as well as toward ensuring equitable access to high-quality instruction for all student groups in keeping with federal and state laws.  Continuous improvement planning is the core process for improving instructional practice, leading to higher achievement for all students.  There are seven principles that summarize the essential characteristics of the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP):

  • Aligns vision, mission and philosophy
  • Is continuous and recursive
  • Relies on quality data interpretation
  • Is collaborative and collegial
  • Ensures communication with those who are affected by the success of West Branch Local School District
  • Produces one focused, integrated plan that directs all of West Branch Local School District’s work and resources
  • Establishes the expectation for substantive changes in student performance and adult practices

West Branch OIP Resources

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