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Teacher/Staff Contact:
Tina McMullen
3rd Grade Teacher/Knox Elementary 
Email: tina.mcmullen@wbwarriors.org

Currently in Math

We are working on 

long division

If your child is doing something a little strange and you need a better understanding click on the division symbol to watch some quick videos on what we are doing. 

Image result for division sign



Here's a cool website to practice long division using the partial quotients strategy. 



Congratulations to Emmy J. for winning the family day challenge.
Special recognition to Mikalyn F., Emma K., Taiva H., Skylar C., Madison O., and Blake T. for also stepping up to the challenge.  Great job ladies!!! Emmy's name was drawn from the hat and she won an electronic math fact challenge game.
It's those willing to go the extra mile and take on those extra challenges in life that will go to great places in the future. I'm proud of those of you who gave this a try. 
Family Challenge Due April 6

Penny a Day Double a Day

If someone offered to pay you a $1000 per day for 30 days or a penny a day then double it each day (day one you would get 1 cent, day 2 you would get 2 cents, day 3 you would get 4 cents, day 5 you would get 8 cents and so on for thirty days) which offer would you take? Find the total you would make with each offer.  All who participate will receive extra credit in math. Correct answers will be put in a drawing to win a math prize.  



If you are looking for a way to support your student in math from home visit:
also available as an app
Ten Marks is a great program that I design the lessons specifically for the standards we are working on in class.  I closely monitor the students' scores and give them the lessons they need to work on.  If a student works through their assigments they can work in the Jam Session on any skill they like.  
also available as an app
Front Row is a cool program that gives each student a diagnostic pre-test in 5 different math domains and then gives them lessons geared toward their individual ability level and moves them up as they progress.  I am able to see student reports and see the level they are working on
Study Island is a valuable tool that our district has chosen to purchase. I am able to create lessons based on what we are working on and I assign assesments to help guide my instruction.  Students can also work ahead on any of the third grade common core math standards.  Study Island gives me reports on student progress and helps to guide my instruction. 
Dice Games 
Recently your child brought home a baggie of 6 dice and directions for two different dice games.  Dice are a great way to strengthen number sense and math skills.  If you need the directions again or score sheets for playing click on the dice below to open the page you can view or print.   
Thanks for taking the time to play games with your kids.  Your hard work and dedication really shows.
Check out our new



A big thanks to Zach McMullen for recording and editing.  They turned out so cool! 



Keep practicing those multiplication facts!!! A couple times per week we will do minute math. We already celebrated those who made it through their 10's facts at my "birthday party" in November.  We will celebrate again close to Christmas, so practice practice practice! 
Here's a really fun website to practice your multiplication facts. 
We started using Front Row Math as a center in class.  This is a math program on the ipad or web that adjusts to the abilities of each of the students.  The better you do the higher you'll move up the levels.  This program can be used at home as well for some extra math practice.  Here's a link.  You can also get the app for ipad.  Students simply log on with their first and last name and our class code which is bw6fmz.  
Study Island is another great resource for some extra math practice at home. Students should practice the lessons that I have assigned for our class. These lessons will relate very closely with the things we are doing in class and will prepare students for taking the parcc assessment.  We try to get to the computer lab once per week to work on Study Island but extra practice at home will be very beneficial.   


We are having a hard time remembering which formula to use for area and which one to use for perimeter.  We can't seem to remember when to square it and when not to square it.  Soooo, a few kiddos from Mrs. McInturff's class helped me come up with a catchy rap to help us out.   



Thank you to our volunteer firemen from Homeworth and North Georgetown for coming to talk to our third graders about fire safety.  

We learned such things as:

How important it is to know your address! 

Have a working smoke detector in your home.

Practice fire drill even at home! 

Have the emergency number in a place you can find it easily. 

Never go back in your home if it's on fire!

The firemen gave us "Child" stickers to put in our bedroom windows and we had the opportunity to:

Practice Stop, Drop, and Roll

Squirt a firehose

Try on equipment

Look up close at the fire trucks. 

Thank you firemen for volunteering your time here at Knox Elementary as well as your time to keep us safe in our homes and community. 

I'll post more pics soon.  



Learning area with Cheez-its :-) 


Third and 4th graders had a pep rally to kick off our Warrior Way this year. 

When you visit us here at Knox Elementary you will be impressed at how Respectful Responsible and Ready to learn our students are.  



Watch the video.  

Thanks to my son, Zach, for helping to edit the video.  










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