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We are working very hard to come up with some good strategies to help us memorize multiplication facts.


For example:

To help us with our x2 facts (these are easy doubles)

To help us with our x3 facts, we learned to first double the number then add another set of that number.  For example 3 x 6... first double the 6 (6+6=12) then add anothr 6.

To help us with our x4 facts, we learned that we just need to double the double. For example 4 x 6... first double 6 (6+6=12) then double the 12 (12+12=24)

To help us with our x5, we learned to either count quickly by 5's or use the Carson Rule (Carson came up with this one.) He taught us to add an imaginery zero to the other factor this cut in in half.  ie. 5x8  imagine 5x80, Half of 80 is 40. 

To help us with our x6 facts we can start with x5 then add another group.  ie. 6x7   start with 5x7 then add another group of 7

To help us with our x9 facts we learned a cool finger trick or an even quicker way...we call it "what's one less than make it 9" and here's why:

9 x 2   (one less than 2 is 1 and 1+8=9 so the answer is 18)

9 x 3   (one less than 3 is 2,    2 and 7 make 9 so  the answer is 27)

9 x 4   (one less than 4 is 3,    3 and 6 make 9 so the answer is 36)

Cool eh?


We also have lots of cool multiplication rhymes to help us.


Two sets of twins on the floor.  2 times 2 equals 4



I’m free, I’m free and I feel fine.  3 times 3 equals 9



Floors, Floors they need cleaned. 4 times 4 is 16



Five bees in five hives, 5 x 5 is 25



Free trix,  Free trix.  6 x 6 is 36



Seven in Heaven feeling fine, 7 x 7 is 49



I ate and ate and got “sick” on the “floor”



Nine Nines having fun…9x9 is 81



3 steps to “heaven” 2 see the 1.  3 times 7 is 21



I “ate” 3 pizzas and dropped 2 the “floor”



6 and 7 stuck like glue, six times 7 is 42



Who do we appreciate?   6 times 8 is 48.



5,6,7,8…56 is 7 x 8



4 and 7 went on a date…4x7 is 28



8 and 4 were sad and blue…8x4=32



4 books on 3 shelves… 4x3=12



Four sticks fell to the floor… 4x6 is 24


Click on the links below for more practice with multiplication facts.


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Visit to practice some of the skills we are working on in math.  






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