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District Office
14277 S Main St
Beloit, OH 44609
Phone: 330-938-9324
Fax: 330-938-6815
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Teacher/Staff Contact:
Mrs. Kari Kibby
Intervention Specialist
Damascus Elementary
Third/Fourth Grades
Phone:  (330) 938 -
E-mail:  Kari.Kibby@WBWarriors.org

Spelling Menu

Directions:  Choose 2 spelling activities to complete each week.  Have an adult initial the boxes that you completed to receive credit on your homework incentive char

Shaving Cream:

Use shaving cream to practice spelling your words.



Fancy Words:

Write your words in fancy ways or decorate your letters.

Word Search:

Create a word search for your words and then ask a family member or friend to search for the words.



Computer Work:

Type your words on the computer using a different font each time.

Word Pyramids:

Create a word pyramid for each word.






Rainbow Words:

Create rainbow words by writing each of your spelling words with 5 different colors.

Cut Out Your Letters:

Cut out letters from magazines or newspapers to spell your words.


Write the vowels in red and the consonants in blue.


Use each of your spelling words in a sentence.  See how many words you can write in one sentence.


ABC Order:

Write your spelling words in alphabetical order.


Use your spelling words to play hangman.



Write each spelling word 3 times.


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