Mrs. Tonya Edie

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Mrs. Tonya Edie
4th Grade Social Studies and Science
Room 206
Phone: 330-938-4538


 Learning Goals for the Week of March 10th,2014

Social Studies

We are taking a quick break from SS to learn about Matter in Science!



We are beginning our matter unit by investigating: what is matter, what states is matter found in and how can it be measured.  We will also  learn that mass is the amount of matter something contains. We will then use what we have learned to investigate how matter is conserved during a change.  For example, 25 grams of a choclate bar is still 25 grams of chocolate even after you melt it down.  If it is broken into smaller pieces, those pieces still add up to 25 grams.  If 10 grams of sugar are dissolved in a glass of water and the water evaporates, there will be 10 grams of sugar remaining in the glass.

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