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Unit 3.5 Feb 6


Story - I'm a Caterpillar

R Controlled Vowels - 'Robber R' has robbed the vowels of their names and sounds and has forced the vowels to produce a new sound when he is behind them in words.  er - were  ir - girl  ur - hurt

Contractions -  the first word stays the same, the second word has some letters removed with an apostrophe put in their place      I'm  = I am   I've = I have         he's = he is   didn't = did  not

Reader's Concept - Drawing Conclusions - using clues in the words and pictures to figure out information that is not written in a story or article.

High Frequency Words
done  visit  push  wait  know

Irregular Verbs -  am, is, are - verbs that tell about now    was, were - verbs that tell about the past

Science - Life Cycles  - chickens, frogs, caterpillars, and plants 

Amazing Words
cycle - a series of eve
nature - everything in the world that is not made by people
sprout - to begin to grow
dim - not bright
shade - a place that is darker than the area around it because light has been blocked from the sun
blossom - the flower of a plant
destroy - to ruin something
humongous - something that is very, very big

Spelling Words

R Controlled vowels  er  ir  ur

her              were

girl               first

bird             shirt

sir               fur

burn           hurt

visit            done


circle           surprise
first              were
curve            thirsty
birth              shirt
clerk             thirteen
visit              done

Extra words to write in planner

push      know      wait