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Self-Assessment Form

Student Self-Assessment
Nearing the end of the Nine Weeks
Name________________________________               Class___________________________
Period_____________ (8 points)
All make-up work for absences must be in by Wednesday, November 9. The last regular grade for this nine weeks will be collected on Wednesday, November 9. Please use Progressbook to make sure all assignments are completed. Grades will be rounded (i.e. 92.5 A, 84.5 B, 74.5 C, 64.5 D).
Fill in the information below using Progressbook.
Current Percent Grade                                  _____                   Parent/Guardian Signature________________
                Checked Homework Grade         _____                   Comments:       
                Graded Homework Grade           _____
                Classwork Grade                              _____
                Quiz Grade                                         _____
                Test Grade                                          _____
What area is your strength?
                How can you maintain that strength?
What area is your weakness?
                How can you improve this area?
Did you have a goal for the first nine weeks? (If you did not, consider making one for next nine weeks!!!!)
Will you meet the goal?
What do you need to do, or can you do, in the next week to meet your goal? (This question will be more helpful when asked in the beginning of a nine weeks.)
The use of this style of self-assessment will be most helpful to you if you complete the process every couple  weeks. Progressbook is a great tool for you to use. You need to be aware of missing assignments and make-up assignments  that need to be completed. Use your grades to critique your own skills and to determine the best course of action to help you meet the goals you have set for yourself. You are the best advocate for your own education. The ability to self-assess is essential to continued success!!! Please share this form with your parents and show them, if they do not already know, how to access your grades online. I would like them to sign above and make a comment on your progress.