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Link to New Science Standards and Model Curriculum for all science classes

** Click on Biology for the standards and curriculum for this specific course and general syllabus.


Class expectations are based on the WB school policy listed in the student handbook.  Also please be aware of the following. 


1)  are expected to arrive to class on time. 

2)  be respectful of peers and adults

3)  restroom privileges will be granted but eliminated when abused.

4)  will treat classroom equipment with care and respect.  Damage due to misbehavior could result in payment for replacement of the equipment. 


Grading Policy     Grades will be calculated on a semester basis.  The nine weeks grades are worth twice as much as the final exam.  Each semester will take into account 2 nine weeks grades and an exam grade. 

A – 4.0                         Example:  1st 9 weeks – A (4 x 2 = 8)

B – 3.0                                           2nd 9 weeks – B (3 x 2 = 6)

C – 2.0                                                  Exam – C (2)

D – 1.0                                                      8 + 6 + 2 = 16

F -  0.0                                                       16/5 = 3.2 (B) 

                                              This student would earn a B for   .5 credits.
Therefore, there will no longer be semester grades.  These grades will be final for .5 credits.  Each semester will go on the final transcript separately.  Students must pass 2 of the 3 grading periods per semester in order to pass .5 credits of the course.  The three grading periods for the first semester are 1st 9 weeks, 2nd 9 weeks and exam.  The three grading periods for the second semester are the 3rd 9 weeks, 4th 9 weeks and final exam.


***There is no extra credit provided in this course.  All assignments are due the day that is given as the due date.  No late assignments will be accepted.  (You've made the journey across the parking lot to the high school...understand the maturity and responsibility that is now expected. ) 


Academic Honesty will be expected and adhered to for all circumstances.  A failing grade can/will be the consequence based on the established policies within the WB student handbook.   *A copy of the student handbook can be found on the WB webpage and also, was explained during your initial class meeting.  For examples of college and university policies. ... use this link to view.   http://web.ysu.edu/contentm/easy_pages/view.php?sid=25&page_id=898   You are expected to read and understand all WB policies, requirements, and consequences.  The consequences from West Branch will be determined by these school policies and administration/teacher recommendation.  Please see student handbook. 


***Mr. Buckley has the right to determine what is considered misconduct based on reasonable expectations of a high school credit course.  ie.  Copying someone else's lab paper or allowing someone else to use your work would be considered plagiarism and would be a violation of WB policy despite the specific misconduct not being listed in the school policy or class rules.  What would be considered appropriate behavior is expected...when in doubt...ask first.