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Life Science



Students will be learning about various aspects of life science.  They should have an understanding of the following things once we have completed our unit:


*Identify how symbiotic relationships are categorized.

*Understand that food webs represent an intertwining within the same biological community.

*Understand that plants and some microorganisms are producers.

*Understand that producers are the foundation of the food web.

*Investigate threatened or endangered species in your local environment.

*Explain that producers transform energy from the sun and make food through a process called photosynthesis.

*Compare and contrast what humans/animals and plants need to survive.

*Know that the major source of energy is sunlight.

*Understand that energy flows in one direction – from the photosynthetic organism to consumers and decomposers.

*Understand that the exchange of energy that occurs in an ecosystem can be represented as a food web. 

*Understand that the exchange of energy in an ecosystem is essential because all processes of life or all organisms require a continual supply of energy.