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Word Work Overview


Vowel Bat


Between the Lions

Unit 2 Week 2: The Farmer in the Hat

There are 2 levels this week.

Level A: face, made, age, safe, take, make, cage, cake, late, name

Level B: waves, trace, places, flakes, chase, mistake, frame, stage, plates, shake

High Frequency Words: could, old, be, horse, paper

Vocabulary: farm, farmer, mask, horse, gerbil, squeak




Unit 2 Week 1: A Big Fish for Max


Level A: with, then, thin, shut, fish, shell, shop, trash, rush, ship

Level B: with, then, thick, rushing, shops, shuts, thank, think, crash, wishing

Level C: with, then, splash, brushed, thirsty, wishes, thankful, thinking, shopping, refreshing

High Frequency Words: want, good, catch, no, put, know



Spelling Practice for Animal Park

Level A:  run, cut, must, sun, up, bump, jump, nut, rug, bus

Level B: bumps, jumping, stuck, stump, skunk, drum, must, hunting, trust, runs

Level C: jumping, hunting, skunks, trusts, bucket, drums, scrub, plugs, stuck, crunch 

HFW: home, into, many, them, eight, saw

Vocabulary: stomp, pond, camouflage, camp, band, park



Level A: nap, naps, fit, fits, sit, sits, hit, hits win, wins

Level B: win, wins, drop, drops, track, tracks, trip, trips, spin, spins

Level C: stand, stands, shock, shocks, quit, quits, spring, springs, chant, chants

HFW: her, four, five, eat, this, too

Spelling Practice for Get the Egg

Level AA:red, bed, bet, jet, wet

Level A: bed, men, red, step, ten, net, leg, jet, sled, wet

Level B: nesting, men, blend, west, helps, tent, spend, sped, leg, jet, speck

Level C: blends, spent, smelling, nests, helping, check, shells, inspect, object, reflect

HFW: saw, your, small, tree 

Vocabulary: twigs, nest, habitat, perch




Week 3 Spelling City Practice: The Big Blue Ox

Level A: mop, ox, pop, mom, lock, rock, hot, got, hop, pot

Level B: drop, flop, rock, lock, hop, stop, got, spot, clock, box

Level C: drop, choppy, shop, clocks, rocks, flock, box, jog, spots, got

HFW: help, use, get, from, little, blue

Vocabulary: town, mud, mop, fan




Week 2 Spelling City Practice: Pig in a Wig

Level AA: pin, in, it, sit, six

Level A: in, pin, it, sit, lip, fix, six, mix, wig, did

Level B: spin, twin, drip, flip, did, fix, wig, trick, mix, six

Level C: chin, ship, sprint, quick, split, tricky, sticks, flips, six, fix

HFW: and, the, take, up, play, quick

Vocabulary: sip, mix, dip, quick




Week 1 Spelling City Practice: Sam, Come Back!

am, at, bat, cat, mad, dad, can, ran, back, sack  

High Frequency Words (HFW): in, on, way, come, my

Vocabulary: nab, pat, lap, sack







Future Lists are in Reverse Order Here.  I will move the current lists to the top each week.

Spelling Practice for Alexander Graham Bell

All Levels: saw, draw, crawl, straw, law, jaw, paw, lawn, yawn, hawk

HFW: through, science, built, early, learn, since

Vocabulary: Boston, Scotland, communicate, telephone, famous, electricity, piano

 Spelling Practice for Simple Machines

Level A: oil, boil, soil, coin, enjoy, voice, point, toy, joy, boy

Level B: enjoy, broil, avoid, choice, pointer, poison, spoiled, noisy, royal, employer

Level C: enjoyable, broiled, avoiding, choices, pointer, poison, spoiled, noisy, royalty, employer

HFW for all: against, goes, heavy, kinds, today

Vocabulary for all: machines, vacuum, pulleys, inclined planes, axles, lawn

 Spelling Practice for Dot and Jabber

Spelling Lists for Levels A, B, and C: book, took, look, zoo, pool, moon, good, foot, noon, food

HFW: among, another, instead, none

Vocabulary: million, meadow, detectives, mystery, solved, hurray, hey

Spelling City Practice for Mole and Baby Bird

Spelling Lists for Level A: mouth, found, out, ouch, round, house, our, cloud, shout, count

Level B: underground, outside, bouncing, proudly, our, found, shouted, slouch, mouth, discounted

HFW: door, loved, should, wood

Vocabulary: usually, presently, borrowed, soaring, chirped, fluttered



Spelling City Practice for Tippy-Toe Chick, Go!

Level A: how, town, down, now, brown, cow, clown, frown, crowd, growl

Level B: how, now, downtown, brown, growling, powder, shower, flower, trowel, powerful

Level C: trowel, powerful, disavowed, growling, allowed, cowardly, showered, prowess, browser, drowsy

HFW for All Levels: eyes, never, along, behind, pulled, pulling, toward

Vocabulary: tippy-toe, favorite, potato bugs, disagreed, breath, dew

Spelling City Practice for: Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper's House

Levels A: sadly, playful, gladly, careful, useful

B: slowly, quickly, painful, sadly, nicely, careful, useful, playful, gladly, wonderful

C: carefully, wonderful, rapidly, exactly, painful, delightful, brightly, quietly, peaceful, hopefully

HFW: because, across, told, opened, only, shoe, dance

Vocabulary: shiny, silk, hearts, tuxedo, waltz, gargoyle, costume, sword

Spelling City Practice for Peter's Chair

Level A: backpack, bluebird, suitcase, inside, outside

Level B: backpack,baseball, bluebird, brainstorm, flashlight, herself, inside, lunchbox, outside, suitcase

Level C: brainstorm, suitcase, bluebird, flashlight, lunchbox, highway, shipwreck, wristwatch, overdue, playground

HFW: picture, remember, room, stood, thought, would

Vocabulary: cradle, curtain, crocodile, biscuits, cookie, idea

Spelling City Practice: The Lady in the Moon 

Level A: lie, pie, tie, bright, might, hight, light, night, right, tight

Level B: lie, pie, tie, mighty, tightly, brightest, higher, right, night, lighting

Level C:lie, pie, tie, bright, knight, highway, nightlight, delightful, slightly, frightening

HFW (all levels): above, moon, laugh, eight, touch

Spelling City Practice: Mr. Bones, Dinosaur Hunter

Level A: boat, row, coat, pillow, road, show, soap, snow, float, blow

Level B: pillow, throw, growth, window, bowling, boat, boast, throat, toaster, floating

Level C: marshmallow, growth, boastful, toaster, pillow, following. elbow, coaches, rowboat, coaster

High Frequency Words for All Levels: found, mouth, once, took, wild

Spelling City Practice: The Dot

Level A: treat, team, dream, each, lean, please, beach, sea, clean, eat

Level B: sea, each, beach, bleachers, team, scream, dreaming, please, peace, sneaky

Level C: please, beach, easel, scream, tease, easiest, peaceful, sneakiest, bleachers, dreaming

HFW: sign, colors, drew, draw, over, great, show


Spelling City Practice: Mama's Birthday Present

Level A:day, gray, May, play, way, afraid, mail, rain, tail, train

Level B: play, fray, stray, today, always, brain, chain, mail, paint, afraid

Level C: unchain, sprained, refrain, explain, unafraid, stray, always, replay, today, display

HFW: about, enjoy, give, surprise, worry, would

Spelling City Practice: Where Are My Animal Friends

Level A: bigger, biggest, faster, fastest, sadder, saddest, shorter, shortest, slower, slowest

Level B: shorter, shortest, quicker, quickest, bigger, biggest, slower, slowest, farther, farthest

HFW: does, good-bye, before, won't, oh, right

Spelling City Practice: I'm a Caterpillar

Level A: her, girl, burn, turn, churn

Level B: her, shirt, bird, were, first, girl, hurt, sir, burn, fur

Level C: burst, return, swirl, stir, twirl, church, churn, nerve, thirsty, herself

High Frequency Words: know, wait, push, done, visit




Spelling City Practice: Frog and Toad Together

Level A: call, called, help, helped,ask, asked, jog, jogged, plan, planned

Level B: ask, asked, help, helped, watch, watched, chop, chopped, plan, planned

Level C: watch, watched, plan, planned, chomp, chomped, scrunch, scrunched, drop, dropped

High Frequency Words: afraid, again, few, how, read, soon

Spelling City Practice: Jan's New Home

Level A: bus, buses, class, classes, fix, fixes, kiss, kisses, wish, wishes

Level B: wish, wishes, bus, buses, match, matches, fix, fixes,  torch, torches

Level C: stretch, stretches, crash, crashes, scratch, scratches, torch, torches, beach, beaches

High Frequency Words: away, car, friends, house, our, school, very

Spelling City Practice: Ruby in Her Own Time


Level A: bring, rang, sang, wing, bank, blank, pink, rink, sunk, trunk

Level B: string, sprang, swings, blanket, anything, skunk, trinket, something, rethink, wring

HFW: every, sure, any, enough, ever, own, were


Spelling City Practice: An Egg is an Egg

Level A: any,by,my,fly,try,cry,body,lucky,silly,puppy

High Frequency Words: stays, become, day, things, always, everything, nothing

 Spelling City Practice: Honeybees

Level A: be, feet, he, see,we, green, me, she, tree, week 

Level B: sheep, jeep, cheese, these, three, wheels, freezer, sleeping, freedom, sneezed

High Frequency Words: family, other, their, some, new, also



Spelling City Practice: Life in the Forest

Level A: huge, June, rule, tube, use, cube, cute, flute, rude, mule

Level B: flute, June, huge, rules, attitude, perfume, prune, tubes, spruce, cubes

Level C: refused, reuse, excuses, attitude, perfume, spruce, pruned, muted, huge, June

High Frequency Words:  grow, food, around, find, water, under

Vocabulary: grubs, damp, leaves, forest


Spelling City Practice: The Big Circle

Level A: stone, rode, joke, hose, bone, those, woke, rose, hope, home

Level B: those, chose, joke, drove, alone, phone, globe, stove, frozen, broken

High Frequency Words: there, down, inside, now, together

Vocabulary: herd, slope, drove, munch


Spelling City Practice: Who Works Here?

Level A: like, ride, smile, time, white, bike, dime, hide, ice, kite  

Level B: white, slide, drive, price, smile, chime, quite, sunshine, stripes, timeline

Level C: chives, stripes, prizes, divide, disguise, firefighter, sublime, while, surprise, write

High Frequency Words: people, live, work, who, out, because