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Class Expectations


School Year 2018/2019


Class Expectations

The following expectations are in addition to any provided in the syllabus.

1.     Punctuality:  You are expected to be in class on time just as you would be expected to be at work on time.  Class begins the moment that you walk in the door so please remember that if you need to stop at your locker or use the restroom, you must do it before you enter the room.  You will be given a warning for the first tardy and detention for all others.  You must bring a pass if you come to class late.

2.    Come to class prepared:  I expect you to bring a something to write with and your three-ring binder every day.

3.    Projects:  Throughout the year there may be projects assigned to you.  All projects must be handed in on time.  For each day that a project is late, a one letter grade reduction will be made to what the original grade would have been.  Ex:  An “A” would be reduced to a “C” if the project was turned in two days late. 

4.    Classroom work and homework:  You must try your best to turn your assignments in on time.  If you fail to turn in an assignment by the due date you will be able to make it up but you will only be rewarded ½ credit.  If you missed any homework due to absence you are responsible for finding out what topics were covered in class.   If you miss class for a school related activity you must make arrangements with me prior to the absence(s).  You are allowed two days for each day absence to complete make up work.  If your absence(s) are unexcused then you will be given a zero grade for any graded work that was missed.

5.    Current Events:  Current Events cannot be made up if they have not been completed do to anything other than absence due to sickness or arrangements made prior to the assignment due date.

6.    Academic Dishonesty:  Academic Dishonesty such as copying another person’s work, cutting and pasting from the internet or plagiarizing from a book will not be tolerated.  If you are caught, your assignment will have to be redone and your parents will be contacted to discuss further outcomes.

7.    Notebooks:  Your notebook is going to be very important to your overall grade. You are required to have a notebook specifically for this class. Write the date on everything you get from this class and keep it all in chronological order. Keep your assignments organized in your notebook to use them as study aids before tests. If you are unable to purchase a notebook, please see me after class privately. Notebooks will be graded at the end of each grading period for completeness. Do not discard anything from your notebook unless I tell you.  

8.    End of Class:  Please be aware that the clock or the bell does not dismiss you from class.  You will be excused from class by me.

9.    Respect:  I expect that you will be respectful of one another and be mindful of each other’s feelings.  All of us will have days when things aren’t going our way but that does not mean that it is ever okay to treat another human being poorly.  If we all do our part, this class will be both fun and educational.

10.   Grading:  Grades will be a combination of written tests, project work, and participation in class.  

11.   Phones:  I do not allow phones in my classroom.  If you bring a phone into the room it must stay in your pocket, purse, book bag etc.  If you are caught with your phone out I will give you one warning to put it away; if I see it out again I will confiscate it and you will get it back at the end of class.  If there is a third incident than I will confiscate it and you will have to go see Ms. Woods to get your phone back.  I hope there will not be a third time. 

12.   Student Code of Conduct:  Please follow the student code of conduct provided to you in your planner.  All policies and rules contained in that code apply to you in this class as well as on the job.


I ______________________________________ have received, read and understand the rules stated above and will do my best to adhere to them.   


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