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2016-2017 Class Syllabus

Classroom Guidelines & Procedures

Mr. Baldwin

Mr. Jackson

7th Grade Math

2016 - 2017


Contact Information:             School E-mail:             Brian.Baldwin@wbwarriors.org


                                    School Phone: (330) 938-4343

                                    School Website: http://www.westbranch.k12.oh.us/


Course Description: We will be utilizing a math curriculum called Eureka Math this year. It will be a rigorous course of study that connects math to real life problems and requires students to explain their thinking processes in order to understand why something is done instead of relying purely on memorization of steps. Content that will be covered this year includes, but is not limited to: rational numbers, ratios & proportions, writing and solving expressions and equations, percents, probability and geometry.    


Classroom rules and expectations: There are 3 guidelines that each student is expected to follow while in Mr. Baldwin’s classroom. They are:

  1. Be Respectful:
    1. Be considerate to everyone; classmates, teacher, and self
    2. Raise your hand to respond in class and listen to others when they are talking
    3. Keep your hands to yourself and off of other students and property that does not belong to you
    4. Leave classroom property and supplies in better condition than that in which they were found
  2. Be Responsible:
    1. Complete your homework completely, accurately and on time (Review with another student prior to class if possible)
    2. Be in your seat as soon as you enter the room and be prepared, with all supplies, for the start of class
    3. When you are absent, get your missing assignments and turn them in as soon as possible *(See homework policy)*
    4. As soon as you are having problems learning let a teacher know IMMEDIATELY! Don’t wait until it is too late!  
  3. Be Ready to Learn:
    1. Be prepared for class EVERYDAY with all of your supplies, homework, etc.
    2. Take good notes and study them NIGHTLY; ask questions on unclear material.
    3. In order to have an undistracted learning atmosphere, leave all electronic equipment in your locker; unless requested by the teacher. These items will be confiscated and turned into the office otherwise for parent pickup.


  • When the above rules are practiced in class, each student will benefit from the following rewards:
    • Having contributed to a better classroom community
    • Opportunities to take a break from class activities to play a game, watch a video, etc.
    • Positive contact with parent(s) via phone or e-mail
    • Candy, prizes and/or occasional class-wide reward days, quarterly and year end- reward days
    • Earning extra credit points
    • Entrance into the Warrior Way Café or the opportunity to be Student of the Month for the hallway


  • When the above rules are NOT practiced in class, consequences will be issued paralleling those adopted by the West Branch Board of Education and can be found in the student planner. Consequences may include, but are not limited to:
    • Receiving a lunch detention for behavior infractions. After 3 lunch detentions are served, an after school detention will be issued and a call home will be made to the parent by his or her student
    • Referral to Mr. Young or Mr. Kitzmiller


***Severe behavior and/or repeated offenses will result in an immediate referral to the office***

Grading Scale:            The grading scale is as follows: 

                        100 – 93%       =          A

                        92 – 85%         =          B

                        84 – 75%         =          C

                        74 – 65%         =          D

                        64% or below  =          F

It is the students’ responsibility to keep track of their individual grades and to assess performance throughout the 9-weeks. The ability to see student grades is available to both students and their parents online. Access can be achieved by contacting the school office for information pertaining to logging on to Progress Book.

While there may be occasional opportunities for extra credit, do not rely on these sporadic occasions to boost your overall grade. The grade you receive at the end of the quarter will reflect the grade that you have EARNED during the grading period.


  1. Tardy:  Students are expected to be in class on time! If a student enters the classroom after class is scheduled to begin, he or she is considered tardy for the day unless he/she has a pass from another teacher.
  2. Homework:  All homework assignments are expected to be completed to the best ability of the student. This does not mean 100% correct each time, as it is expected students will learn from these mistakes on follow up assignments. When a student has not completed their assignment they will be asked to document this in the form of a “Pink Slip” and will lose 5 points for their 9-weeks homework grade (Out of 50 possible points)

***All assignments will be posted online on the school’s webpage under “Homework by Team.”

  1. End-of period class dismissal:  The teacher will dismiss the class when he feels the class is ready; this includes having all materials put away and trash thrown away. Please make sure all assignments have been copied into your planner before leaving.
  2. Absences:  If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to complete the missed assignment in a timely manner. All assignments will be posted on the bulletin board towards the front of the room. This should be checked immediately upon returning to school. All notes must be copied from a classmate. The student has the number of days to complete the assignment that they were absent. If further directions are needed it is the student’s responsibility to see the teacher for clarification. This policy is also in effect for scheduled quizzes and tests.
  3. Restroom / Locker Usage:  Students are expected to visit their lockers and use the bathroom between classes. Being unprepared for class can result in the issuance of a lunch detention. Emergency visits to the restroom and/or locker will be permitted by presenting a school planner to the teacher.
  4. Responding to and asking questions:  Students are encouraged to be actively involved in class.  If they would like to ask/answer a question, they are to raise their hand until the teacher acknowledges them. There are NO DUMB QUESTIONS! Please don’t shout out answers.
  5. Sharpening Pencils / Throwing away Trash:  Students can sharpen pencils prior to the beginning of class or whenever the class is working on an assignment.  Students are not permitted to use the pencil sharpener during instruction or during tests. In addition, if a student has accumulated trash throughout the period, place it near the corner of your desk and wait until a break in instruction to throw it away. Getting up in the middle of class is a distraction to the teacher and fellow classmates. Be prepared and bring 2 pencils!
  6. Computer Usage: There will be assignments given to students, throughout the year, which will require a computer; including Study Island. If the assignment cannot be completed during school hours and the student does not have access to a computer at home, then it is the student’s responsibility to tell the teacher and to make other arrangements as soon as the assignment has been given. There will be no exceptions given to students who have not communicated this with the teacher until last minute.
  7. Fire and Tornado Drill Procedures:  These procedures will be reviewed in class.  Proper exit designations are posted near the door.

Math Syllabus Agreement


Assignment #1 (5 points)


I, ________________________________, have read and understood the rules and expectations for Mr. Baldwin’s

Math class for the 2016-2017 school year.

-I understand that it is my own responsibility, as the student, to gather and complete all make up work when I am not in school and that not completing these assignments on time will result in a zero on the assignment.

-I also understand that if I am not able to complete an assignment given online, it is my responsibility to let the teacher know so that alternative arrangements can be made; otherwise a zero will be given for the assignment.

_____________________________________             ____________________________

Student Signature                                                                                           Date


Parent/Guardian Signature Required:

I/ We, ____________________________________, have read and understood the rules and expectations for my student in Math class. I/We understand that any questions or concerns may be directed to Mr. Brian Baldwin by e-mail at Brian.Baldwin@wbwarriors.org  (best way to contact) or by phone at 330-938-4343. I also am aware that I can gain access to my student’s grades online by logging onto Progress Book and can check for student assignments online through the school’s webpage.

_____________________________________             _____________________________

Parent/Guardian                                                                             Date


Parent / Guardian e-mail (If you wish to be contacted by e-mail when needed)


Technology Survey:

My student has access to the following types of technology: (Check those that apply)

  • Computer
  • Internet access at home
  • Internet access at another location (library, relative’s or friend’s home, etc), please indicate location below
    • ___________________________________
  • iPod or iPad (or other similar device)
  • Facebook and /or Twitter
  • Smart Phone w/ Internet access



Return this sheet by Tuesday, September 13, 2016