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Acceptable Use Policy

Mrs. Biery’s              Student Expectations


·         Come to class on time, prepared and ready to work each day—textbook and course materials will be provided daily.  You must bring a pencil/pen and paper.

·         Make up all missed work within one day of the absence unless there are extenuating circumstances in which I will deviate from this.  You are responsible for finding out what you miss when you are absent.

·         Complete assignments/projects correctly and on time.  Late assignments will not be accepted without prior approval.

·         Use computers proper and ethically.   Follow all computer rules.  Violations will be dealt with appropriately.

·         Use of cell phones is prohibited in class.  If they are seen they will be taken!

·         Have a good attitude.  Don’t let a bad day make you a bad person to be around.  Be polite and respect others.

·         Playing games on the computers is strictly prohibited.

·         Students must stay in their seats until the bell rings.

·         Cheating or plagiarism is prohibited.

·         No swearing in class


Rules for Computer Users



You are responsible for your actions and activities involving the network/computer. Some examples of unacceptable use are:

·         Using the network for any illegal activity, including violation of copyright and/or other contracts and/or transmitting any material in violation of any United States and/or Ohio State regulation;

·         Copying computer program(s) from the Computer System is prohibited;

·         Downloading of software to local computers, external drives and/or network drives, (i.e., H: drive, Profile folder, Shared/Drop folder, etc.);

·         Network drives should not contain any of the following, (this is not an exhaustive list): games, programs, (any executable files), internet browsers, MP3s, and/or pictures not related to courses being taken in the district;

·         External drives should not contain games, internet browsers, executables and/or files that are in direct opposition to this policy;

·         Wastefully using resources, including but not limited to file space and/or copiers/printers and/or creating unnecessary network traffic;

·         Actions that give simulated sign off messages, public announcements, and/or other fraudulent system responses;

·         Using the network for private financial and/or commercial gain;

·         Using the network for commercial and/or private advertising;

·         Invading the privacy of individuals;

·         Gaining unauthorized access to resources and/or entities;  or

·         Using another user’s account and/or password; or Attempting to access and/or monitor another user’s account;

·         Using the network while access privileges are suspended and/or revoked;

·         Using the Computer System to gain and/or attempt to gain unauthorized access to remote computers;

·         Obtaining passwords, gaining access to and/or copying other user’s electronic communications, and/or otherwise interfering with and/or destroying the work of other users;

·         Attempts to read, delete, copy, and/or modify the electronic mail and/or documents of another user;

·         Posting material authored and/or created by another without his/her consent;

·         Posting anonymous messages;

·         Accessing, submitting, posting, publishing, and/or displaying any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, ethnically offensive, harassing, and/or illegal material;

·         Harassing others by sending annoying, abusive, profane, lewd, rude, threatening, disrespectful, defamatory, false, and/or offensive messages is prohibited. Some examples include: obscene, threatening, and/or repeated unnecessary messages; sexually, ethnically, racially, and/or religiously offensive messages; continuing to send messages after a request to stop; and/or procedures that hinder a computer session;

·         Attempting to circumvent data protection schemes and/or uncover a security loophole is prohibited;

·         Intentionally destroying equipment and/or anything stored on the computer System and/or deliberately performing any act that will seriously impact the operation of the Computer System is prohibited;

·         Running and/or installing on the Computer System, and/or giving to another, a program that could result in the eventual damage to a file and/or the Computer System, and/or the reproduction of itself, is prohibited. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, the classes of programs known as computer viruses, Trojan Horses, and worms;

·         Use of Copyrighted Materials; Copyrighted material shall be used in accordance with federal law, including the fair use doctrine

·         Plagiarism of any type.



I understand and will abide by the provisions and conditions indicated on the above Policy. I will not use the District’s computer resources to commit any crime.   I understand that any violations of the above terms and conditions may result in disciplinary action and the revocation of my use of information services.

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