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Class Outline:

                        1st 9 Weeks - Mechanical Drawing


                        2nd 9 Weeks - Computer – Aided Drawing (CAD) (Mechanical Desktop & Inventor Software)


                          SEMESTER FINAL EXAM


                        3rd 9 Weeks - Woodworking Technology


                        4 th 9 Weeks - Career & Technology Research / Presentations / Problem Solving / Computer Applications


                        FINAL EXAM


Prerequisite: None


Class Requirements:  Students are expected to complete all class assignments, homework, quizzes, tests, and projects based on each area of technology studied. Students should be prepared for class by bringing a pencil, pen and paper every day. 3-Ring Notebooks are required and should include: notes, handouts, homework, quizzes, tests, drawings, etc. from that particular grading period. Regular attendance is expected. Being in class and participating is a direct relationship in your learning success. Safety and Discipline is of utmost concern and priority in this class. Students will be required to learn and follow well-defined and established rules. Choosing not to follow rules will result in discipline. No student will fail unless he or she deliberately chooses to do so. Students who work to the best of their ability, are prepared daily, participate regularly, and have a good attitude will not fail.


Evaluations:  Grades are a relative measure of performance. A grade of a C may indicate tremendous success for one student but a dismal effort for another. Students should see themselves as being in competition not with others, but with themselves when it comes to grades. A grade of A represents work that is exceptional, the very best. If a grade of A is your objective, you should be prepared to work very hard to reach that level of performance. In each grading period, the final grade is determined by performance on tests, quizzes, homework, class assignments and projects. Daily attendance and participation is also figured in the final grade. All grading is done with points as opposed to letter grades. The total number of points you earn is divided by the total amount of points possible. For example: if there were 500 points possible during the nine weeks, a total of at least 465 (93%) would be required for an A, 425 (85%) for a B and so on… Extra credit will be available each grading period. Each nine-week grade is worth 20% of your final yearly grade. Cumulative semester and final exams will be given and are worth 10% each toward your final grade. You must pass 3 of the 6 grades possible (4 nine weeks and 2 final exams) in order to receive credit for the class. 


Grading:  Grades are based on the following percentage scale:


          100 – 93% - A

92 – 85% - B

84 – 75% - C

74 – 65% - D

64 -    0% - F


Class Requirement Checklist:


q  Notebook ( 3 – ring binder 1  ½”- 2“) with tab dividers

q  Notebook Paper

q  Pencil, Eraser and Pen

q  1/16” Ruler

q  Calculator

* Note: Additional materials will be required for projects throughout the school year.


Please Ask:  You may see your grade at any time during the grading period. Because of the way scores are recorded, it is a quick and easy matter to determine your grade.  I’ll gladly provide that information on my teacher page on the West Branch High School Website. Let me know if you need extra help. I will do all that I can to help each one of you, but you will know long before I do that you need extra help. It is your grade and future.



* * * * * * *

            Remember that the most important thing you bring with you to school each day is you attitude. Nothing is more significant in determining how an experience unfolds than our attitude. And best of all, we alone control our attitude each day. Unlike other factors over which we have no control, our daily attitude is totally the result of our patterns and habits of thought. Make it your goal to go through each day with a positive attitude, and you will find the weeks and months ahead holding many successes for you.


* * * * * * *


 Mr. DeShields