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Applied Math Class Summary and Rules

West Branch High School
Applied Math
Mrs. Brenda Sharp
Welcome to Applied Math
            It is my pleasure to welcome you to the most useable math class of your high school career. During the next five months, we will work together to prepare you to use math in your daily life to make problem solving easier and more systematic for you. You will discover the advantages to using math as a tool to make a plan for your financial future. 
Requirements for Success
            Bring to class everyday your covered book, pencil and eraser, notebook, folder and calculator. (It does not need to be a graphing calculator.) A positive attitude, a willingness to work on problems, and a supportive attitude will go a long way towards achieving success as well.
            It is extremely important for you to pay attention in class and to always complete your homework.  I will check homework for completion and we will go over it in class. Once a week, to keep you honest in your efforts, I will collect homework and grade it. You should show all work on your homework assignments. Giving the answer, only, is not adequate.
You are required to use a one subject notebook and a folder that contains only math work. In the folder, you will keep all of your vocabulary, graded homework, POTD’s, POTW’s, quizzes and tests. Homework must be labeled clearly with page number and date. In your notebook, you will keep your notes and daily homework. Your notebook and folder will be checked prior to each test for study items. It will benefit you to keep your items neat and organized.
POTD (Problem of the Day)
            A POTD will be given on a weekly basis containing the problems for each day of the week. These problems will be worked on at the beginning of the period each day. These will be collected on Tuesday of each week to be graded.
POTW (Problem of the Week)
            Problem of the Weeks will be given on Wednesday. You should read over them and be familiar with the question by Friday. On that day, I will give hints or answer questions on the problem. It is extremely important to show all of your work to support your solution. They will be collected on Tuesday.
Classroom Rules
1.      Know and abide to the rules in the West Branch Student Code of Conduct.
A.    Pay careful attention to dress code. The dress code is listed very nicely in your planner. Part of coming to school is learning to look and behave in a professional, socially acceptable manner. This is an excellent time to begin practicing for your life after high school. I will check students in my classroom everyday. Make sure you are following the school board approved dress code.
B.     Pay careful attention to the rule for cell phones and other electronic equipment. Cell phones are a great tool if used properly. They can also be a huge distraction to learning, both to you and to others. I should never, in my classroom, see or hear your cell phone. If I do see or hear your cell phone, I will take it and turn it in to the office.
2.      Be in the classroom with all supplies when the bell rings.
3.      Respect yourself, fellow classmates and your teacher.
4.      Use the restroom only in an emergency.
5.      Do your own work. Cheating of any kind is never the right thing to do. I make assignments to give you the opportunity to practice new skills and show your newly acquired skills. By completing your work honestly, you will reap the greatest reward. Cheating is a short term solution and will decrease your chance to succeed every time you do it.
Classroom Discipline
1st Offense: A conference will be scheduled between the student and the teacher after school to find a solution to the behavior needing to be addressed.
2nd Offense: A second conference will be scheduled between the student and teacher. The student will write a behavioral contract to describe a plan to help correct the behavior at issue. Parents will be notified of the infraction and the plan that has been set in place. 
Any offense that causes a danger to a student or a group of students can be cause for a blue card to the office. 
Please be aware that there are no warnings!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Internet Access to Grades
            Grades can be accessed using the parent and student access page from the west Branch Website. More information concerning the process will be distributed during the first week of school.
The key to being good at mathematics is persistence. A quote by Louis Pasteur is a favorite of mine: “Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.” I expect you to work diligently and honestly at learning math in my classroom. Work hard, ask questions when you’re confused and give your best effort each day.   Your future depends on it!!!
Good Luck,
Mrs. Brenda Sharp
High School Math Teacher
Please sign and return this form by Friday, September 9, 2011.
            We have read and understand the classroom expectations for Applied Math Class with Mrs. Sharp. 
Please choose the method for Mrs. Sharp to contact parents. The intent of this is for Mrs. Sharp to share student accomplishments with parents:
          _____        email address____________________________
          _____        telephone________________________________
          _____        by note to address_________________________
          _____        send the note with my child
          _____        send the message verbally