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Class Expectations

9th and 10th Grade Language Arts 

Miss Wallace: mckenzie.wallace@wbwarriors.org



Throughout the school year this class will focus on: grammar, the six traits of writing, personal narratives, literary analysis, argumentative writing, vocabulary, and public speaking. All of this material will be covered in alignment with the Common Core State Standards. Your educational and personal success in this class is extremely important. This is why it is imperative that we have certain expectations to ensure your success.


Class Rules and Expectations:

  1. Be Responsible for your actions.
  2. Be Respectful of others and their property.
  3. Be Cooperative. When you come to class bring a positive J attitude and be ready to participate.

Together we can create a learning environment where everyone in class feels comfortable and respected.


Grading Policy:

100-93%  = A

92-85%  = B

84-74% = C

73-65% = D

0-64% = F

If you work for SUCCESS:

Positive notes, words, special activities and

Surprises from Miss Wallace


If you work against SUCCESS:

(This includes rude, crude, or unproductive behavior.)

Reminder/ Warning

Conversation with Miss Wallace

Detention/ Parent phone call/ Referral to the office

Classroom Procedures:

  1. Be in your seat when the bell rings and begin the bell work that will be written on the board (or on PowerPoint).
  2. Be respectful during class discussions. I love participation, but respect when others are talking and make sure you are listening and participating.
  3. Be responsible when you are absent. There will be an Assignment Binder at the back of the classroom where each day’s assignments and PowerPoint slides will be available. Get the info from the binder and see Miss Wallace to discuss any questions you may have about the work.
  4. Stop, Look, and Listen when I call the class to attention. There is a good chance that what I am trying to tell you is important.
  5. I will dismiss the class. Do not pack up your things until you are instructed to do so.
  6. Respect Due Dates. NO LATE WORK! Every day your assignment is late you will be docked a letter grade for that piece of work.
  7. If you are having trouble meeting a due date for any reason, COMMUNICATE with Miss Wallace before the due date. We can discuss alternative due dates or other options accordingly. Please don’t hesitate to contact me when you need help.
  8. Follow the student handbook on DRESS CODE and use of ELECTRONIC DEVICES. **If I see your cellphone during class I will confiscate it.
  9. The course syllabus and homework assignments will be updated on Ms. Wallace’s class webpage, which can be viewed on the WBHS website.