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What's Fair?

What's Fair?

We all need different things to be successful.  "Erin" needs glasses to see.  "Stephanie" broke her foot and needed crutches.  So it would be pretty silly if we all wore glasses because of "Erin", or if we all used crutches when "Stephanie" did.

In our classroom, things are fair.  But fair doesn't always mean doing exactly the same thing.  It means everyone getting what they need as much as  possible. 

What are some things everyone needs? 

Everyone needs the teacher to listen to them. 
That's right.  Part of being a fair teacher is that I do my very best to listen to everyone.

Everyone needs a turn to share.
So, in this class, we're fair and we make sure everyone gets to share once before anyone gets a second turn.

Some of the things we need are the same, but some are different.
Tomorrow "Hallie" and "Winston" are going to have clay to roll and pinch.  It's to help them pay attention.  The clay is just for them.

[The names in " " are the names of my children and pets.]
The issue of fairness will come up throughout the year, each child needs different things and my job as their teacher is to provide each with what they need.  Fair isn't always equal. 

It is my responsibility to teach these children, helping them get better at managing their behavior and become effect students while still meeting the learning needs of their less obviously demanding classmates.  My challenge is to be there for each and everyone of our children each and every day.