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West Branch
District Office
14277 S Main St
Beloit, OH 44609
Phone: 330-938-9324
Fax: 330-938-6815
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Unit 4.3 March 13

Story -Mister Bones

Long o  spelled oa in the middle of words and spelled ow at the end of words.  road, float, snow, grow
3 letter s blends - spl, spr, str

High Frequency Words
found   mouth   took   wild   once

Amazing Words 
excavate - to remove, uncover, or make by digging
fossil - the remains of a plant or animal that lived long ago
soil - the top part of the ground in which plants grow
abandon - to leave something behind
splinter - a sharp, thin piece broken off from a larger piece of something
sunken - when something is beneath the surface of the water
decompose - to rot
nourish - to provide food and other things needed for life

Spelling Words

long o
oa if the long o sound is in the middle of the word
ow if the long o sound is at the end of the word

boat      road
snow     row
yellow     loaf
coat       soap
blow     pillow
once     wild

Extra Words to write in planner

took   mouth   found