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Discipline Plan

West Branch Middle School


Physical Education Discipline Plan

Mrs. Smith & Mr. Shepherd


If a student forgets his/her clothes and/or shoes: (in other words, is not prepared for class)

 1st time = STRIKE 1 and minus 4 points


2nd time = STRIKE 2 and minus 4 points ~ call home and/or teacher & student meeting.


 3rd time = STRIKE 3 = DETENTION and minus 4 points


(The process will start over after the 3rd STRIKE/Detention level.)


6th time in a nine weeks will result in a “U” or unsatisfactory for the nine weeks grade.


A student will receive a “STRIKE” (worth 1 effort point) for not following the class rules (such as, lack of participation, not giving best effort, having a bad attitude, not using equipment properly, not following the rules during a game, arguing, cheating, etc.)

        1 STRIKE with each occurrence = 1 effort point deducted.

Parents will be called, if needed.


A combination of 3 STRIKES for not being prepared for class and following class rules will result in a detention.



  1. Dress for participation!
  2. Participate EVERYDAY! Giving your best EFFORT!
  3. Be courteous & respectful!
  4. LISTEN:  follow directions & rules!
  5. Use equipment properly!
  6. Work quietly!