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Class Expectations

When you are in the lab I expect you to be RESPECTFUL!    
  • Respect Yourself,
  • Respect Your Classmates, and
  • Respect Our Expensive Equipment in the Lab.

Protecting ourselves and others:     Raising Hands Emoji (U+1F64C)       Face with Medical Mask on Google Android 10.0 March 2020 Feature Drop

  • Wash up - we share keyboards and mice so we need to sanitize our hands before and after class.
  • Mask up - wear your masks when seated next to each other
  • Back up - when talking to or helping a neighbor with a problem

Come prepared to work:   

  • Bring a folder to keep paper resources you need to do your work
  • And a pencil
A Friendly Reminder to stay on task
  • 1, 2, 3, You're Out
  • An Out equals a detention warning for not using your class time well.
  • The second time you receive 3 strikes you will receive a detention.
  • There are many great educational resources available online.
  • If anything inappropriate pops up on your screen, use the X in the top right hand corner of your screen to close the window. This includes advertisements!
  • You are not to interact with these websites.
  • You are responsible for what stays on your screen!
Please Think before you print! Paper and toner are expensive.
You are responsible for what you print. You may only print once.
  • Proofread your work before you print.
  • Use Print Preview before you print.
  • Know how many pages you are printing before you print. Be sure you need them all and you will use them all.
  • Know which printer you are sending your paper to before you print.


During work time you may quietly help your neighbor.
  • You may give oral directions, back up and talk them through it.
  • You may show them how to do something on your computer.
  • You may not touch your neighbor's keyboard or mouse.

2 Minute Warning                            

2 minutes before the bell you may let the class know it is time for the 2-minute warning.

  • This means you have 2 minutes to finish working on your assignment and save your work.
  • Listen carefully for my instructions
  • Please do not rush to print after the 2 minute warning has been called.
  • I will collect any printed assignments
  • Log off and hand sanitize.
Getting Started                                         
As you enter the room,
Hand sanitize,
Log in to your computer
Read the directions on the wall screen or in Google Classroom. 
Try to do what it says on your own without asking questions.
I will be preparing for our class and will begin helping as soon as I'm ready.
updated 8/2020