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Internet Research

The internet is a great tool for doing research.

In this unit we will learn how to use the internet as a research tool.

We will practice Good Research Habits:
1. Use Credible Sources of Information
2. Save our source information: Title, Author, Source, Link
3. Take good notes by looking for short facts (this helps us avoid plagarism 


Search Engines
What is a search engine? 

Which search engine do you use? 

What do search engines search for?

Where do they search?


Credible Sources
What makes a credible source of information?  Let's have a class discussion about this topic.  Think about it for a couple of minutes and jot down some of your ideas.

Google is a Search Engine not a Source!


Website Reports
Now that you know what a credible source of information is, see if you can locate 3 credible sources of information on the topic assigned in class.  After you locate them, choose one read it, and do a website report on it.  (This is like a book report.)


Copyright Law
Now that we know how to locate great resources and information on the internet, it is important that we discuss copyright law.  Using your copy and paste skills to steal someone else's hard work and claim it as your own is wrong!  Please click on the link to read a little bit about copyright law Now look at the guidelines and expectations I have setup for using your internet research in our class.


Note Cards in a Google Presentation
Now that we know how to locate great resources and information on the internet, let’s use a presentation to take notes as we do our research.

3 Credible Sources to start your resource:

  1. Factmonster
  2. Infohio's Worldbook  (Infohio is found under the student menu)
  3. and Infohio's Ebsco Student Research Center
  4. Now you are ready to Google your own sources. Don't forget to check the credibility of them!

Extra Learning Opportunities:
Make Your own Favorites List

Movie Review