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In this unit we will learn about many of the graphics features in a word processing program.


Let's begin by using WordArt, the fancy colorful text picture . You will be using the Insert and Format tabs in Microsoft Word in this lesson. Let's get started.
Text Boxes and Shapes
These are 2 other graphics features that can be very helpful to know how to use. They are very similar to WordArt. Everything you learned how to do to WordArt you can also do with these.

Acrostic Poem
Lets use some of these graphics tools to make an Acrostic Poem about you!

Input Output Devices
To prepare for the next project, read the following article to learn about how the parts of the computer work with each other. Kids Domain Article

Input Output Diagram
Now we are going to use our graphics tools to draw a diagram. In this lesson we will be drawing all of our graphics in Google Drawings.

Working with Photographs Notes
Let's learn about good habits when working with digital photographs.

4 Photos Assignment
Use some of the formatting tools to work with digital photographs


Tables are another tool in Microsoft Word. Let's create a table to make a calendar.

WordArt Photographs
Lets combine digital photographs with our WordArt tool to see what we can make.
Biome Diagrams
Use your graphics tools to make a diagram about the Biome your group researched in the google classroom assignment.