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Think how much time you will be spending on computers in your future, at home, at school, at work?  For most of you, the time you spend on the computer will continue to increase as you get older.  It will be very beneficial to learn the correct way to keyboard now. Then as you use the computer you will get better and better as you continue to practice the correct habits you learn.



In this unit we will learn to:

  1. touch type,
  2. create, save, and open several documents,
  3. and many formatting skills in word processing.

Proper Positioning

Read this cartoon slideshow on Ergonomics from Typing Pal Online at  to learn the proper posture to prevent injury before we begin keyboarding practice.

Now that you know how to sit properly, let's place your fingers on the correct keys.  Place your 8 fingers on the "Home Keys":  asdf jkl;

Do you feel the bumps on your f and j keys?  Those are there so you know you have your fingers placed on the right keys without looking.

Keyboarding Lessons

Do you find it really frustrating to write anything longer than a sentence?  Do you get frustrated looking around that jumbled mess of letters on the keyboard? There is a method of learning where the keys are located called Touch Typing.  In this method of typing you practice exercises (yes just like exercising in gym class) that help you train your fingers and brain where the keys are located without having to look at them.

As you work, remember to:

  1. Look at your work not at the keys.
  2. Keep your fingers on the Home Keys.
  3. Sit with good posture to avoid discomfort and injury.

Goal:  Try to complete 2-3 lessons each day.

Adding Formatting Skills

As you begin each lesson, look at the formatting skills of the day being projected on the classroom screen.  Included is a list of the skills we are covering and you should know.

Boxer Shorts Self-Quiz

After you have finished at least 5 lessons, it is time to check to see how you are doing.  Get a pair of boxers and slip them over your keyboard.  Stick your hand through the leg holes and try to type the next lesson (start after you have typed the heading).  This will let you know how well you are doing at memorizing the keys.  At first, it is hard but once you relax and concentrate I bet you will find you are doing better than you thought.

Keyboarding Practice Online

You can use the following directions to log into the typing website and join my class so that I can see your progress as you practice proper keyboarding skills during your library time. 

When you are done, you can begin the typing lessons. Start with Home Row. Be sure to read the lesson and use the correct fingers on the correct keys. Practice slowly and carefully to try to memorize the keys.

Once you finish one of the lessons you can play one of the games to have fun practicing your skills. Make sure to practice with the correct finger placement and select the keys you just learned to practice in the game.