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Career Research

Now is the time to begin thinking about what career you would like to work towards.  There are things you can begin doing now and in high school that will help you make that dream come true.

In this unit you will use an online database of information to research a career you are interested in. You will also be able to store personal information in this database to help you set career goals for your future.

Ohio Means Jobs (Link is found under the student menu on our school website.)

Career Cluster Inventory

Once you have created an account you can do the career cluster inventory.The results will be saved in your backpack. These results can help you start to think about your interests and abilities and how they might help you choose your future career.

OOH Career Research Notes

I have created a research template for you to use in Google Drive. It is shared with you in Google Classroom. 

Career Outline - Let's use the research we found to create an outline using the automatic numbering button in Microsoft Word.

Career PowerPoint Presentation - Let's convert our outline to a PowerPoint presentation and use some of the little known tools available to us in PowerPoint.

E-mail is the way that many adults (in the real world) communicate professionally. In high school you may be using e-mail to communicate with your teachers and colleges. I would like you to practice using e-mail to turn in your Career PowerPoint Presentation and to reflect on what you have learned in this unit.


Computer Software Programmers

Check out this youtube clip from Pixar's Movie Brave and read the article about how hard the programmers worked to make Merida's beautiful hair.

'Brave' Features Hair-Raising Animations

Brave Movie Clip Link