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Introduction: In this unit we will learn about the features of using a spreadsheet program.


Let's begin by looking at the spreadsheet program Excel. First look at the menus. What do you notice? Can figure out how to save, print, copy and paste? Many of the things you have already learned how to do in Word you can also do in Excel.


Now let's take some notes to learn some of the special vocabulary and skills you need to be able to do to use a spreadsheet program. Do you know the 3 parts of a spreadsheet?

Crossword Puzzle

Here is a fun challenge in formatting cells in a spreadsheet.  To prepare to do this lesson you will need a list of vocabulary words and their definitions.  You will be making your own crossword puzzle.

Grade Table

We are going to make a table in Microsoft Word to use to record our assignments and calculate our grades. Did you know that tables are commonly used to make webpages?

Grade Sheet

A common use of spreadsheets is to do routine calculations.  In this lesson you will create a spreadsheet that will calculate your grade in this class.

Graphing in Sheets or Graphing in Excel

Now here is the fun part of using a spreadsheet.  You can use it to produce graphs of data.  Let's try it.

Design your own! Use what you have learned about spreadsheets to make your own.

Extra Project: Quilt Squares

This project will teach you some shortcuts in Excel while you use your creative skills to design quilts.