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Grading Rubric

This is a Project Based Class. Your grade will be determined as an average of your project grades.

Use this rubric to proofread your documents before you print

Or before turning them in in Google Classroom!

I will use this Rubric for grading your projects.

Computer Applications Project Grading Rubric Score:                                         / 10 pts
Mrs. Schlueter
2 pts
1.5 pts
1 pts
There are 0 misspelled words.
There are 1-2 misspelled words.
There are 3 or more misspelled words.
Capitalization and
There are 0 grammatical errors.
There are 1-2 grammatical errors.
There are 3 or more grammatical errors.
Page Layout
Portrait, Landscape, and Margins
The page layout is correct.
The page orientation or the margins are incorrect.
The page orientation and the margins are incorrect.
Content -
Refer to your project Directions
The content of your project is accurate.
There are 1-2 content errors.
There are 3 or more content errors.
The pictures and colors you chose help support your text and content.
The pictures and colors make some of the text hard to read.
The pictures and colors are totally not related to the assignment.