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Introduction to Class

To get started we will learn (or review) some basic habits that you will use frequently on the computer.
Logging in, Saving Files, Editing, and Printing Documents.
Learning Targets, you to be able to:

Use your username and password to log in to any network computer.

Create, Name, Save, and Open Files in your Network H:drive (and on a USB drive) not in the My Documents folder on the C:drive of your computer like you do at home.

Use Google Chrome as an internet browser

locate your teachers’ class pages on the school district website.

Make bookmarks to save time

Use the School District Website to:

Do assignments in your Google Drive

Check your grades

Check for assignments
Prepare a document in Microsoft Word for printing

Using the tools on the Page Layout tab,

Proofreading using the Grading Rubric,

and using Print Preview BEFORE YOU PRINT!

Mouse Skills - left and right click and hovering

Computer Basics                      black computer
Read the Saving, Drives, and Printing articles. Use them to answer the questions on the worksheet.
These articles will help you develop good computer habits. And help you prevent the most common mistakes people make causing them to lose their work.

Nameplate Assignment

This is your first project.  
1.    It will help you to become familiar with the page setup options, and font size in Word.
2.    You should also become familiar with the expectations in the grading rubric by using it to edit your work before you print.
3.    And you will get to save and print your first document.
 (Your nameplates will help me to memorize your names faster if I see them with your faces each day :-)

USB Saving Practice  – Save, As or Drag and Drop
There are 2 ways you can save files on your USB Drive.
1.    In a program, using the “save, as” and “open” commands or
2.      In Start My computer, opening 2 windows and dragging and dropping the file from 1 window to the other.
(Use the 2 sets of directions linked to the titles Save As, or Drag and Drop.)
Printing Procedures
(as stated on the Class Procedures Page)
Please Think before you print! Paper and toner are expensive. You are responsible for what you print.
  1. Proofread your work before you print.
  2. Use Print Preview before you print.
  3. Know how many pages you are printing before you print. Be sure you need them all and you will use them all.
  4. Know which printer you are sending your paper to before you print.
Using the Grading Rubric
The Grading Rubric that I use to grade all of your projects is posted on the left. You should look at it before you print each assignment so you can edit your work properly.
Home Practice
Answering these questions will help you practice and transfer the skills you learned this week in computer class.
Extra Learning Opportunities:
Use the help menu to find out how to do something new in a software program. What is the most helpful thing to know when using the help menu?
Click on the link to see what you know about drives on your computer.