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Online Resources - Helpful links

Adaptive Programs:  - Math site  - students log in with google accounts - For Kindergarten and 1st grade reading and math.  This is free for teachers!


West Branch adopted programs: - Check out our library website too. Leigh Ann Martin has been adding links that brilliant teachers have shared as useful. is free online assessment tool for K-12 ELA, math and science all aligned to CCSS. - WB has a site license this year. - WB has a site license this year. - WB has a site license this year.




Many sites with word problems where students practice modeling and explaining  - many links to PARCC “like” practice tests  - This was written with federal grant money so it is free to everyone.  It is a very rich curriculum that our 8th grade is piloting this year. Eureka is a paid version of engageNY with workbooks and such.  - Again written by federal grant money so all aligned to CCSS and researched based.  Many of these snacks are middle school aged though.  - That's right Ohio has one now! :) - Thanks 3rd grade team for introducing me to this site!  It is fun and engaging content songs!


Some of these sites have parts that you have to pay for. Others are are completely free.    This is very good PARCC tutorial for teachers as well as students.  


If you're more of a video learner than a reader:


How to Share Assessments across buildings on Study Island - made by Mr. Matt Manley


Puzzle Sites


• - games, lessons, ...

• - explorations

• - japanese puzzles

• - japanese puzzles




• Mathematician’s Lament - Paul Lockhart

• Mindset - Carol Dweck

• So Good They Can’t Ignore You - Cal Newport

• Becoming a Problem Solving Genius - Ed Zaccaro

• Thinking Mathematically - J. Mason

• Creative Problem Solving - George Lenchner