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Meet the Teacher

Who is Mrs. Criss?

Born: January 15th ... long enough ago no date is needed

Education:  West Branch class of '87
                      Kent State University: Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education 1999 
                                                             Master of Education- Gifted Intervention Specialist 2004  
                      Loves to learn something new every day!

Career: Began teaching fall of 2000- Part time West Branch and Sebring as Gifted Instructor.
               Was hired full time at WB as the Gifted Instructor for 10 years.
               Became the 6th grade Language Arts teacher for 2 years
               Moved to 5th grade Language Arts teacher 2012
               Moved back to 6th grade for the 2014-15 school year as a Language Arts and Math teacher, currently teaching 4 sections of                   Language Arts in 6th grade.

               Student Council adviser since 2011

Family: Married Mark Criss, 2 children- Zac serving in the US Navy, married to Miranda, and Marissa, a Nurse in Akron.
Pets: 3 dogs- Munich, Zeva, Zippy     1 cat- Maggie who now lives with Marissa

Mrs. Criss's Favorites:

Favorite Color: navy blue

Favorite Food: Fresh baked bread, hot out of the oven 

Favorite T.V. Shows: Don't watch too much TV but if I do it is NCIS or another show along that line

Hobbies: Going on walks with Mr. Criss- preferrably on a beach somewhere warm, spending time with my family and friends- hiking, biking, kayaking..., playing piano or trumpet, and especially enjoying a good book. 
                  Working in my yard, especially my flowers.

Favorite Teams:  The WARRIORS of course!
                                MLB: Indians      NFL: Browns- some day/ this will be the year.....   NBA Team: Cavs
                                College: GO BUCKEYES!!!! and the hometown Purple Raiders

Favorite Radio Station: XM Radio The Message

Favorite Book: The Bible- full of wisdom, and guidance

Favorite Book read 2019 summer: A Long way Gone- really makes me appreciate the peaceful country we are blessed to live in, and creates a new level of awareness for children in/from war torn countries. 

Favorite Movies: depends on the time of year and what I am doing
                               Winter-Hallmark Christmas movies
                               Spring- UP or Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
                               Summer- Overcomer
                               Fall- Remember The Titans or The Blindside
                               Riding exercise bike or treadmill- Something Disney, they are not too long wink

Favorite Restaurants: Grinders or Panara

Must have's :  Water.   Sun, sand, and water at least once a year.   Reece's Eggs at Easter time :)   Buttered popcorn with a movie.   Purple pens when grading.   Big Red gum.  Dark Chocolate M & M's 

Favorite Subjects: Reading and music

Favorite Student: One who does their 20 minutes of reading every day AND THEN talks to me about what they read.  I love to hear about the great books you find!  They often end up on my stack to read over breaks and the summer.