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Grade five math concepts/overall objectives and grading



     Welcome to fifth grade math.  In your child’s class this year we will be studying five major areas.  They are Algebraic thinking, Fractions, Whole numbers and Decimals, Geometry, Measurement and Data.

     Each area has several topics that we will learn about.  These will be described in my weekly lesson plans as we work on them.

     You will find that I assign homework most nights Monday-Thursday.  I try to give everyone a break on Friday!  Sometimes these is not possible due to such things as short week, the specific topic, the pace from the week, snow days and other things that creep up!

     I give an overall homework grade at the end of each nine weeks.  For example if there are 24 homework assignments in a nine week period and your child has done all of them then their grade will be a 24/24.  Easy points for just a little effort!  I do grade homework from time to time.  They always know ahead of time if this is the case.  Grading homework only takes place after they know the skill it is intended to help their grade not hurt it!

     I will take grades in math on the following things, test, quizzes, homework, projects, group activities, partner work, centers, and extra-credit.  There are always opportunities to improve grades.  I’m a big believer in a little effort goes a long way so I always take in to consideration classroom effort, participation, etc. before determining a final grade.

     Anything that is graded will have the number right over number possible, the percentage and then the grade that goes along with it from the West Branch grading scale.

                                         100-93 = A

                                          92-85  = B

                                          84-75  = C

                                          74-65  = D